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Steps to Follow When Planning a Funeral. There are many things in life that make us be frustrated. One of a frustrating thing in life is the death of a loved one. Death is an end of life. Life is free gift from God. It is a huge lose when a life a person cease to exist. It is an issue of stress when our loved ones leave us. Expect individuals to suffer emotionally, physically, and materially when they are left by their loved ones. All human beings have their own weaknesses. No one can predict when a death is likely to occur. There are various aspects that can cause death. Diseases can bring death. Examples of diseases that have been known to cause death are viral and cardiovascular diseases. AIDS, meningitis and hepatitis are examples of categories of viral diseases. We have heart attacks and strokes as types of cardiovascular diseases. Diseases work by cutting short the normal functioning of the body thus leading to death. Poisoning can lead to unexpected death. A poison is a toxic substance to the body. Most poisons come from chemicals. For an example, we have a drug that can act as a poison if taken in excess. Accidents have been known to bring death. According to a research, vehicle accidents bring abrupt death among individuals. It has been noted for disasters such as floods and hurricanes to cause death. Disasters leave property destroyed and loss of life. There are many processes that follow after the death of an individual. It is obvious for the body to be buried after certain duration of time.
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It can be quite challenging if the deceased had not left their death wishes. It is a must for some steps to be followed when planning a funeral service. We are mandated to pronounce the loss of an individual after their death. According to the law, a death is supposed to be pronounced by a medical practitioner.
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The next step is to keep the body for further processes to be followed. A body can be embalmed if the funeral arrangements are meant to take much time. The body should be taken to a nearby funeral home to make funeral service easy. It is good to hire a funeral director to assist in the normal funeral arrangements. We are required to notify family members and friends the loss of an individual after the previous plans are finished. The notice entails the location, date, and time of the funeral service. We are mandated to prepared the biography of the deceased that is supposed to be read during the funeral service.